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Tweaking Moore’s Law Intel’s Future Vision

Intel has taken their perception, vision and predicitons on how the future of our productive lives will most likely look like. The video offers and array of scenarios that are futuristic in our time!


After an Israeli Strike on Iran

Analysis confirms that the danger of Iranian nuclear weapons far exceeds the danger of eliminating those weapons before they come into existence.

Mr. Eisenstadt and Mr. Knights expect a short phase of high-intensity Iranian response, to be followed by a “protracted low-intensity conflict that could last for months or even years” – much as already exists between Iran and Israel, (Source: Washington Times).
Image Source: europesworld.org/






Seven Possible Responses

  • Missile strikes on Israel
  • Terrorist attacks on Israeli
  • Attacks on Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Kidnapping of U.S. citizens
  • Clashes with the U.S. Navy
  • Missile or terrorist attacks on neighboring states
  • Closing the Strait of Hormuz

The ES8000 has motion or voice control and with face recognition that detects who’s watching via the TV’s built-in camera.

Will Apple’s TV Have Face-Recognition Technology?
“Some new details are trickling in about the rumored Apple HDTV, courtesy of the blog Cult of Mac, which says it has a source that has seen a prototype. You know the drill: file this under “rumor”–albeit a somewhat credible one.”

CES 2012
This is the brand new Samsung Smart TV. It packs quite a punch and makes me wonder what Apple’s Rumored TV will now consist of since this TV has everything Apple’s TV was said to have. This TV is pretty cool, but being a fanboy I’d probably buy Apple’s first. The ES8000 has motion or voice control and with face recognition that detects who’s watching via the TV’s built-in camera. It has Skype built in and will also possibly boast an “App Store” to download different Apps and possibly Kintect style games. It has a built in web browser and allows you to use your hand as the cursor/pointer. This TV is a game changer but that makes me wonder if Apple will change the game more? How can Apple Possible one-up this TV? What do you guys think?

Facial Recognition Software Application Samples:

Robots could replace humans by 2050!

David Levy explores humankind’s fascination with technology and the often-seen fantasies that revolve around relationships between human and machine. Love & Sex with Robots takes a deep dive into a not-too-distant future where physical intimacy with machines is socially accepted and can eventually develop into full-blown relationships. Levy goes as far as saying that acceptance of virtual pets and robotic pets today show that it can be possible for humans to develop strong emotions for machines.

Con’t: “Robots, Men and Sex Tourism”
Authors: Ian Yeoman & Michelle Mars

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Photo: Joshua Dalsimer
Step Up
Kiva’s founders [from left], Peter Wurman, Mick Mountz, and Raffaello D’Andrea,

envision thousands of robots in warehouses.

Kiva Systems founder and CEO Mick Mountz narrates a play-by-play video of how Kiva robots automate a warehouse environment.


How Robots Think: Why Artificial Intelligence Is Nothing Like the Human Mind

Mick Mountz, Founder & CEO, Kiva Systems
in conversation with Jason Tanz

Mick Mountz is founder and CEO of Kiva Systems. Mountz founded Kiva Systems in 2003, after experiencing the inadequacy of existing material-handling technologies for ecommerce at the grocery delivery startup Webvan. Kiva’s integrated order-fulfillment solution employs hundreds of mobile robots and distributed intelligence to enable faster, more flexible ecommerce distribution centers for companies like The Gap, Saks Fifth Avenue, Diapers.com, Staples, Walgreens, and Crate and Barrel. Under Mountz’s leadership, Kiva was ranked sixth on the 2009 Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing private companies in the US.

Before joining Webvan, Mountz spent three years as a product manager at Apple Computer, where he helped move new technologies like FireWire, DVD, Fast Ethernet, and 3D graphics acceleration into the standard desktop platform.

He began his career as a mechanical and manufacturing engineer at Motorola. In 2008, Mountz received an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the New England region. He holds twelve U.S. technology patents.

Future: TV – Televisions Future Unfolded by Intel Futurist

Interview of Intel futurist and Screen Future author Brian David Johnson at CES 2011 about the future of television.

Screen Future
Summary Of Contents
Foreword – Justin Rattner
- CTO and Senior Fellow – Intel Corporation
Chapter 1: Conversation: Henry Jenkins
- Professor: USC School of Cinematic Arts & USC Annenberg School for
Chapter 2: Informative TV
Chapter 3: Conversation: Amy Reinhard
-Senior Vice-President Strategic Planning and Business Development Paramount
Chapter 4: Ubiquitous TV
Chapter 5: Conversation: David Poltrack
-Chief Research Officer for CBS and President of CBS VISION
Chapter 6: Personal TV
Chapter 7: Conversation: Senator Stephen Conroy
-Australian Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy
Chapter 8 Social TV
Chapter 9: Conversation: Jeffrey Cole
-Director Center for the Digital Future – USC Annenberg School for Communication
Chapter 10: Conclusion: What’s the Future of the Future?