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The President sits in a room having assigned himself, with his aid John Brennan, his counter-terrorism adviser, a global responsibility giving his Presidency a novel power, that is to Kill and without other government oversight, (Source: New Yorker by Amy Davidson).

How Obama Maintains His Secret ‘Kill List’

Published on May 29, 2012 by PBSNewsHour
Drone strikes on militant targets in Yemen are on the rise, as are targeted killings of insurgents there and elsewhere. But who has the final say on the so-called kill list of terrorists slated to be killed or captured? Ray Suarez introduces an excerpt from a new “Frontline” then speaks with New York Times reporter Scott Shane.


“But how are we deciding who a terrorist is? In some cases, we don’t even know the names of people we’re killing, in countries where we are not actually at war. In others, we do know their names, and don’t care who dies with them. (In one strike, in which the identity of the man was known, according to the Times, Obama made a deliberate decision to kill his wife and in-laws along with him.)” (Quote Source: New Yorker by Amy Davidson).

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Jeremy Scahill explains the steps taken by the Bush administration and extended by the Obama administration in order to circumvent Congress and carry out targeted killings.

Jeremy Scahill: A Short History of Drone Warfare