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What is Nanotechnology Used For?

Nanotechnology Development Excellerates with 13,000 Patents Being Registered at the U.S. Patent Office With “Nano” in Them! [Source: How Stuff Works & U.S. Patent Office]

Source: [inderscience.com]


The Future of Nanotechnology

The ultimate benefit in the quest to unlock the power of nanotechnology is the development of replicators which will produce practically any physical object, from guns to a bowl of vegetable soup.

Called molecular manufacturing, the components of nearly anything will be made from molecular building blocks of atoms and molecules.

“Just like with magnets, a positively charged atom will stick to a negatively charged atom. As millions of these atoms are pieced together by nanomachines, a specific product will begin to take shape. The goal of molecular manufacturing is to manipulate atoms individually and place them in a pattern to produce a desired structure.”

Source: science.howstuffworks.com

The List of Nanotechnology Companies
Currently there are 534 businesses listed.

There’s some amazing things coming down the healthcare pipeline and Daniel Kraft (@daniel_kraft) knows a “little” about all of them. We asked him to take us on a rollercoaster-journey through them.

Take for example regenerative medicine, which is starting to experience tremendous growth with the blossoming use of stem cells to help the body heal and replace damaged tissue. Or personalized medicine that allow for far more precise dosage and effectiveness for individuals, not masses. Kraft will touch upon some impressive developments that hint us to the future of medicine. Kraft teaches at Stanford University, is an expert on regenerative medicine, and a member of the faculty at Singularity University and is directing their upcoming FutureMed program


Genetics and biotechnology promise a future of unprecedented health and longevity: DNA screening could prevent many diseases, gene therapy could cure them and, thanks to lab-grown organs, the human body could be repaired as easily as a car, with spare parts readily available. Ultimately, the ageing process itself could be slowed down or even halted.

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Transparent Spray Film Solar Nano Paint EnSol AS has developed a new method to generate green energy out of a thin layer. It doesn’t require any special panel anymore as SolarWindow is a transparent spray film that you can spray to any glass surface to generate electricity.

The benefits:

Paint-able solar cells will indeed bring a revolution in alternative energy arena. Today, we put relatively expensive and uncomfortable solar panels on roofs to produce alternative energy. The new spray-on solar cells will reduce the cost as well and increase the comfort in setting up solar power technology. It can be painted on all surfaces where sunlight is available. You can spray the ultra-thin solar cells on your wall, rooftop, vehicle’s body, aircraft and ships.

According to the researchers, nano-particle inks can generate more energy than traditional solar powers. The South Florida University scientists say such solar cells will be five times efficient than the conventional solar panels. Moreover, many more people will go for green power, thanks to the simplicity in establishment of solar cells. Electronic vehicles can reap the required power while moving.

[Source: Greendiary.com]

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Nanorobots to treat many of our diseases in the future!

“Imagine going to the doctor to get treatment for a persistent fever. Instead of giving you a pill or a shot, the doctor refers you to a special medical team which implants a tiny robot into your bloodstream. The robot detects the cause of your fever, travels to the appropriate system and provides a dose of medication directly to the infected area.” Source>>>>

Source>>>> Svidinenko Yuriy

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“Driller” nanorobots being injected into an artery through the tip of a needle.

Surgeon nanobot “Drillers” carefully remove a blood clot from an obstructed vein. These robots can operate autonomously or through teleoperation by a surgeon.

“Driller” nanorobot approaches a sick red blood cell for the final kill.

A “Stinger” engages in a delicate surgical operation to remove a cancer tumor. The Stinger nanorobot can inject a toxin or medicine of choice, either autonomously, or through teleoperation.

“Drillers, Peepers, Stingers” engage in a delicate surgical operation to remove a cancer tumor. Whilst the Stingers inject a toxin, Drillers cut deep into the tumor. A Peeper broadcasts the whole video scene to the surgeon.


DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Work

Here’s a listing of the DARPA-related projects presented on the Technovelgy who brought us the Science Fiction Invention Time line site:

EATR – DARPA’s Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot
Project to develop a robotic platform able to perform long missions while refueling itself by foraging.

You Can’t Hide From DARPA
Harnessing Infrastructure for Building Reconnaissance (HIBR).

Squishy SquishBot ChemBots By DARPA
ChemBots are soft, flexible robots that are able to alter their shape to squeeze through small openings and then regain their full size.

Fracture Putty For Compound Fractures – DARPA
An alternative to today’s standard treatments, which often lead to further complications, and are not fully load-bearing,

Submersible Aircraft – DARPA’s Flying Sub?
The minimal required airborne tactical radius of the sub-plane is 1000 nautical miles (nm).

MAHEM Metal Jets Like Clarke’s Stiletto Beam
Create compressed magnetic flux generator (CMFG)-driven magneto hydrodynamically formed metal jets and self-forging penetrators (SFP).

Silent Talk ‘Telepathy’ For Soldiers
‘…allow user-to-user communication on the battlefield without the use of vocalized speech through analysis of neural signals.’

TASC – DARPA’s Psychohistory
The agency is seeking whitepapers to fuel the development of a scientific approach to predicting the actions of large masses of people.

Guided Bullets By Exacto From DARPA
How is it possible that a bullet could redirect its own course in mid-flight?

DARPA Seeks Self-Repairing Hunter-Killers?
Tests to date have seen small aerial robots lose large chunks of themselves to hostile fire, yet carry on with their mission.

DARPA Gandalf Project
A new defense department project to locate enemies precisely, and target them, by phone.

Precision Urban Hopper Robot Must ‘Stick’ Landings
Intended to give wheeled robots an additional edge; the ability to jump up onto or over obstacles up to nine meters high.

Katana Mono-Wing Rotorcraft Nano Air Vehicle
The Katana Mono-Wing Rotorcraft is a coin-sized one-bladed helicopter.

RISE Robot: Six-Legged BIODYNOTICS Runaway
These Robots In Sensorial Environments are being developed by researchers from Carnegie Mellon.

DARPA Vulture Five Year Flying Wing
Vulture is intended to fly for periods of up to five years unattended at 65,000 feet.

LSTAT-lite Life Support For Trauma and Transport-lite Demoed
LSTAT has been around since 1999; however, the LSTAT-lite is considerably lighter and more affordable.

LANdroid WiFi Robots
DARPA is soliciting proposals for intelligent autonomous radio relay nodes.

Micro Imagers For Sensing On Nano Air Vehicles
With the impetus toward micro-air and -ground vehicles for military applications, there is a compelling need for imaging micro-sensors compatible with these small platforms.

RESURRECT High-Fidelity Computer Battlefield Simulations
Create high-fidelity computer simulations of in-theatre events for tactical, operational and strategic review

Aqua Sciences Water From Atmospheric Moisture
The program focused on creating water from the atmosphere using low-energy systems.

Shape-Shifting Bomber In Need Of Plowsharing
Shape-shifting supersonic bomber fans are feeling bereft this weekend.

Automated Mammalian Training Devices
The development of an automated mammalian training device would significantly reduce the need for human involvement.

HI-MEMS: Control Circuits Embedded In Pupal Stage Successfully
Researchers have succeeded in implanting electronic circuit probes into tobacco hornworms as early pupae.

HI-MEMS: Cyborg Beetle Microsystem
The University of Michigan team has successfully created a cyborg unicorn beetle microsystem.

Carnegie Mellon’s Boss Wins DARPA Urban Challenge
Carnegie Mellon’s Boss, an autonomous Chevy Tahoe, was declared the winner.

2007 DARPA Urban Challenge Videos
The teams will attempt to complete a complex 60-mile urban course with live traffic in less than six hours. Now, the videos.

DARPA Wants Exoskeletons
DARPA thinkers are saying that maybe humans themselves need an upgrade.

IR Chemical Communication Graffiti Tags Wanted By DARPA
The Chemical Communications (ChemComm) program objective is to encode and transmit information in a rapid and covert manner.

Hybrid Insect MEMS Sought By DARPA For Bug Army
HI-MEM-based bug armies? Our friends at DARPA seem to have cyborgs on the brain.

DARPA Wants Exoskeletons
In a briefing today on GovExec.com, a variety of projects from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) demonstrate that some science fiction thinking is good.

Shark Cyborgs On DARPA Remote control
In those Jaws movies, the shark seemed like it was out to get you. DARPA makes this dream come true.

Bradbury’s Mechanical Hound and DARPA’s BigDog Robot
In his chilling 1953 novel Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury created the mechanical hound, a robot that accompanied the firemen and helped with their work… DARPA has made a multi-million dollar investment in the soldier of the future’s best friend – BigDog.

DARPA Seeks Metabolic Dominance
DARPA has initiated a new program called “Metabolic Dominance” to assure that soldiers have superior physiological qualities. Frank Herbert had the answer sooner, though.

DARPA’s Walrus and Griffith’s War-Balloons
Not your great-grandfather’s airship, the Walrus will be able to lift a fighting force.

DARPA’s Radiation Decontamination (And ‘Doc’ Smith’s Dekon)
DARPA and a host of scientists are working on decontamination techniques for dirty bombs.

Obtaining Unobtainium at DARPAtech 2004
DARPA searches for impossible materials – unobtainium – and is succeeding.

Springtail EFV-4B Personal Air Vehicle From Trek Aerospace
The Springtail EFV-4B Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) is a fourth-generation vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) craft powered by a single engine.

Trauma Pod Battlefield Medical Treatment System
DARPA has awarded a $12 million contract to develop an automated medical treatment system that can recieve, assess and stabilize wounded soldiers immediately following injury. The trauma pod is used to treat soldiers on the battlefield using advanced

Cormorant Submarine/Sea Launched MPUAV
The Cormorant submarine and sea launched vehicle concept may remind you of science fiction glories past.

Terminator Tether – EDT Solution To Space Debris Update
Studies have shown that low Earth orbit is not a limitless resource and should be managed more carefully. Some sort of debris-mitigation measures are needed to solve the problem of old, unusable satellites and space junk.

HELLADS: Lightweight Laser Cannon
Ultra-light High Energy Liquid Lasers are coming.

DARPA’s ‘BigDog’ Robot Now In Puppy Stage
Project seeks to create algorithms that help multi-legged platforms learn to walk in varied terrain.

DARPA Urban Challenge – KITT
Autonomous ground vehicles will take to a mocked-up urban area to negotiate a 60-mile course.

Star Wars Binoculars A Cognitive Technology Threat Warning
They’ve dubbed the device “Luke’s Binoculars,” after the device used by Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars movie.

DARPA Radar Scope Can Sense Thru Walls
Handheld radar scope can provide troops with an ability that was formerly the province of science fictional superheroes alone.

BigDog Quadruped Robot Update
Good progress on Ray Bradbury’s mechanical hound from Fahrenheit 451.

The Future of Nanotechnology

Alberto Dubois says

we will be able to achieve the power of the brain

of all humanity, for only 100 dollars!


From Lawrence Berkeley National Labs to Silicon Valley, researchers are manipulating particles at the atomic level, ushering in potential cures for cancer, clothes that don’t stain, and solar panels as thick as a sheet of paper.

Nano Supermarket on Dutch Evening News

Productive Nano systems – The Nanofactory

Alberto Dubois is an Economist, MBA at IESE, and a graduate at the legendary Singularity University in Palo Alto. Former manager and entrepreneur, he is a partner in technology startups, and invests in emerging listed companies, especially in the sectors of energy, biotech and nanotech.

Alberto Dubois says we have never really been able to forecast the future. And today, even less. Because today to forecast the future means to think exponentially and the human being is wired to think in a linear way, as in the past of humanity changes happened every billion years. But in 21st century things are different. The computing power grows exponentially, and more and more so. In a few years, we will be able to achieve the power of the brain of all humanity, for 100 dollars. This will bring major changes, this will bring singularity. It is very important to learn to think exponentially, as this is the only way of thinking which will help us solve the biggest problems of humanity: energy, water, food, environment. Information applied to biology is bringing new marvels, like DNA secuencing in 20 minutes for 100 dollars, personalized medicine, organs printing. Nanotechnology is also fast developing, and we know more and more about the human brain. When we will know all of it, we will be able to have a real AI and solve our big problems. Future can be many things, for Alberto is a promise for sure.