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David is a futurist, advisor, and speaker who has always been slightly ahead of his time. He spent more than 20 years at NBC and CBS and was part of the senior executive team that created MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1 and CNN Headline News. He has won two Emmys, the prestigious George Foster Peabody award, the Heartland award, and has been nominated for an Academy Award. Within the last year, he has spoken before groups of CEO throughout the world, was awarded the Vistage International speaker of the year award, and has been called “the emerging futurist in the world today”. He maintains his highly regarded futurist blog, publishes Shift Age Newsletter and is a featured contributor on Oprah.com. In 2012 he will be publishing an updated version of his highly acclaimed book The Shift Age.

Six visions of the future

Wong Meng Weng is a serial entrepreneur. While studying at the University of Pennsylvania in the 1990s, he co-founded an email company, pobox.com, together with his then girlfriend, who is now CEO. Working closely with Microsoft and with the opensource community, he co-authored an antispam standard, RFC4408, which is now deployed worldwide. He moved to Silicon Valley to co-found his second company, karmasphere.com, which subsequently received VC funding. After moving back to Singapore a few years ago, he co-founded hackerspace.sg and also JFDI.Asia, a seed accelerator inspired by Y Combinator and TechStars. In this talk he stresses the importance of design, dissatisfaction, and disobedience.


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