About Recorded Future
Christopher Ahlberg, CEO Of Recorded Future

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Backed by Google Ventures, IA Ventures, and In-Q-Tel, the venture arm of the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies. [Via: businessinsider.com]

“Mission: Record and analyze all that is known about the future, and make it available for analysis. Recorded Future is an early stage company headquartered in the Boston area. We have 20+ employees in various corners of the globe attacking a hard problem – organize the web in a radically new and useful way. The world’s 24×7 media flow is filled with temporal signals, including reports of what’s transpired or statements of what’s expected to come. Recorded Future’s linguistic and statistical algorithms extract time-related information and through temporal reasoning we structure the unstructured. We help users understand relationships between entities and events over time. In doing so, we’ve formed the world’s first temporal analytics engine. Our customers include some of the most advanced financial institutions and leading government agencies in the world. The Recorded Future team includes computer scientists, statisticians, linguists, technical business people with deep domain expertise in areas such as intelligence and quantitative finance. A high proportion of the team holds PhDs and other advanced degrees. Team members have received numerous accolades including the Fulbright scholarship, MIT’s TR100 award, and more. Our leadership has built multiple successful analytics businesses with aggregate annual revenues in the $100′s of millions. We have a great team, a solid track recorded of success, and a great culture.”
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