The evolution of technology, beginning in the early stone age and evolving to the most powerfull technology of all times.

Client: SATURN

Advertising Agency: Scholz&Friends, Berlin, Germany (
Creative Director: Oliver Handlos
Art Director: James Cruickshank, Michael Hess
Copywriter: Felix Fenz, Sebastian Plum, Bastian Engbert

Management Supervisor: Uli Schuppach
Account Supervisor: Sandra Ortmann, Jürgen Fink
TV-Producer: Claudia Knipping, Nina Heyn, Mathis Rekowski

Director: Carl Erik Rinsch
Executive Producer: Lutz Müller
Producer: Tobias Steinhauser
DoP: Javier Aguirresarobe
Postproduction: Alex Grau
Charakter-Design: Jeff Julian, Big Lazy Robot

Sounddesign: Audioforce

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